What is the best option if we want to visit or move in an electric vehicle through Seville?

Undoubtedly, the best option when choosing an electric vehicle to visit and get to know the city of Seville or, simply, move in an ecological, safe and fluid way through the city is with Surf the City.

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The eKickscooter Surf Pro electric vehicle offered by Surf the City represents a novelty in terms of comfort in this type of electric vehicles. Some brands like BMW already have a similar model but with much higher costs.


This fun and comfortable model of electric leisure vehicle has been exclusively manufactured for them and is an experience that only this Sevillian company can offer you.


Discover another way of ecological mobility, non-polluting and fun around the city. New sensations by renting your electric scooter eKickscooter Surf Pro at Surt the City.

It is important to keep in mind, when renting an electric scooter in Seville, that the electric vehicles and scooters that provide the rest of electric scooter rental companies, such as Lime or Bird, do not usually representa comfortable and unique option to the time to know the city of Seville in a fluid and ecological way.


The technical and structural characteristics of this electric vehicle far outweigh those of the other offers on the market.

The fact of having to search and leave these vehicles anywhere means that sometimes these vehicles are not in the best maintenance conditions. In Surf the City, each electric vehicle is checked after each service or tour.

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Surf the City is the only company that offers complete and fun tours on board these unique electric vehicles. Having fun and getting to know the city of Seville at the same time becomes a reality by choosing one of our 5 tours.

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In addition, Surf the City puts at your service several tours, on scooter or electric scooter eKickscooter Surf Pro, through which you can know the monuments, alleys, squares and historical walls of Seville without missing a single detail of the city. Its people, its gastronomy, its cathedral.

The visitor of the city of Seville can choose the one that best suits their needs from among all the possibilities offered by Surf the City, each one is different but all are unforgettable and unique.


By booking one of the five tours offered by Surf the City, visitors are guaranteed to know the city of Seville in a way that they had never experienced before. Expert guides of great professionalism will accompany you throughout the tour and can offer to the client, apart from all the information of carving of important places and chronologies of the capital, a unique and quality service based on good service and years of experience.


Thanks to our Seville Tapas Tour, for example, you will know first hand a Sevillian cuisine that offers a palette of exquisite stews such as the famous bull’s tail or the no less exquisite pork cheek, for example. The tourist finds in this anthological city a refuge for reading, tranquility, culture and the delight of the senses. Places such as the Plaza de Doña Elvira, the Callejón del Agua, Los Reales Alcázares and the Archivo de Indias, for example, make an excursion aboard one of these electric vehicles become an option, fun, leisure and entertainment.


We offer you the possibility to make beautiful and interesting tours aboard an eKickscooter Surf Pro, unforgetable. 

A city for the visitor and the tourist. Seville is a place where millenary cultures embrace that has been forming, with the evolution of the centuries, a unique and famous city in the whole world.


We present five tours full of history, romance, fun, culture and gastronomy, aboard an electric vehicle with a unique and exclusive design of Surf the City that provide the route with that extra fun and versatility.


Tour 1
Seville Express

In this 60 ′ tour we will see the historic center of Seville where our guide will show you the most important monuments such as the Cathedral of Seville, Royal Alcazars, Real Fabrica de Tabacos, etc.

Tour 1 Seville Express

Tour 2
Seville Extend
In this tour for more than 90 ′, in addition to the monumental center of Seville, we will discover places like the Plaza de España, María Luisa Park, pavilions of the Ibero-American exhibition of 1929, Puerto de Indias and the palace of San Telmo.

Tour 2 Seville Extend

Tour 3
Seville, Triana and Guadalquivir

In this tour of approximately 150 ′ we will see the historical and monumental center of Seville, Plaza de España, Maria Luisa Park, 1929 Exhibition, Guadalquivir River and the emblematic Triana neighborhood.

Tour 3 Seville Triana and Guadalquivir

Tour 4
Seville Night

In this tour of approximately 150 ′ you can enjoy the city to the complete monumental center, Plaza España, Guadalquivir River, Triana, Macarena and Alameda de Hércules and all this under the wonderful night of Seville.

Tour 4 Seville Night

Tour 5
Seville tapas

In this tour of approximately 150 ′ we will know the city from its typical tapas bars, Guadalquivir River, Triana, Macarena, places where you can taste gastronomic delights of our land.

Tour 5 Seville Tapas



The rent of electric scooters is increasing exponentially in cities like Seville, however, no company offers electric vehicles of these characteristics. Seville, its history, the quality of its people and the widest network of lanes, among many other factors, give the city of Seville a privileged position compared to the rest of Spanish cities in relation to urban tourism and the incipient proliferation of services electric vehicle rental.


Surf the City is the ecological mobility solution that solves the problems of dynamic mobility to many people from visitor groups of different ages. The fact of renting one of our tours aboard a scooter or electric scooter of Surf the City in the city of Seville can be an activity to do as a couple, alone or in a family way.

There are no limits in terms of fun and dynamism is also a completely ecological and sustainable option.


Do not forget to enjoy our tours aboard one of the electric vehicles of Surf the City that have recently become a revolution in urban mobility in the city of Seville as it is a means of transport that combines benefits, comfort, economy and respect for the environment. Surf the City is a company that is committed to ecology and respect for the urban environment.

The Surf Pro ekickscooters have been designed exclusively for Surf the City, making the rental of an electric scooter in Seville a unique experience aboard a unique vehicle that you cannot find anywhere else. Its autonomy, reliability and quality provide visitors with a unique perspective of the city of Seville.


Soak up all the beauty of Seville and its monuments as you learn about its fascinating history. Seville is a city that offers visitors a wide range of possibilities at all levels: leisure, gastronomy, history …. There is no better way to get to know and enjoy it than by renting one of the Surf the City electric skates. Its features and manufacturing and design qualities provide visitors with a unique perspective of the city of Seville.


The different and unique way to see Seville effortlessly thanks to our exclusive electric scooters easy to use and with great autonomy.

If your thing is to be independent, Surf the City gives you the opportunity to rent one of its exclusive scooters or electric scooters on your own:


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