Electric scooter rental to visit The Giralda in Seville


Rent an electric scooter in Seville to visit, among many other things, the Giralda. You can do it alone or through the guided tours of Surf the City.


Visit one of its symbols of the city of Guadalquivir.


Rent a unique vehicle in the world, such as the exclusive Surf the City electric scooter, and make an unforgettable and fun visit to a recognizable monument in the world. His silhouette has inspired a multitude of works of art and even very similar, almost twin monuments, which makes anyone, even if he has never been to Seville, quickly recognize him. It is also one of the best known Arab monuments in the world.


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The Giralda of Seville is one of the places that no visitor should miss, it deserves a contemplative and quiet visit that allows you to enjoy both its interiors and its large exteriors. It is a monument that is part of the cathedral that provides brightness to the whole and is also one of the most beautiful bell towers in the world.



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Seville is a city of queues

Seville, both historically and today, is a city that is fashionable. In addition, it seems to be a trend that continues to rise and, inevitably, affects the experience of tourists on their visit to Seville.



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This is one of the main reasons why you should choose an efficient and ecological vehicle while driving and dynamic, that is, an electric scooter to travel a city like Seville, rent one to visit the Giralda, do not hesitate.





A determined and cheerful city, capable of absorbing an influx of tourists that breaks records in the world in relation to its dimensions. Rent an electric scooter in Seville and you will end this type of inconvenience.


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Rent an electric scooter in Seville to visit the Giralda in Seville and avoid queues and crowds. Arrive quickly to the sites and, above all, enjoy a unique and ecological journey.



What is the best way to get to the Giralda?

The best way to get around the center of Seville and visit the Giralda is to rent an electric scooter from Surf the City



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The monument is visible from many areas of Seville. The visitor has many other options to get around, such as the tram, at the Archivo de Indias stop and the subway, at the Puerta de Jerez stop, which are close to the Cathedral complex, but none of these transports brings an experience equal to the rental of an electric scooter from Surf the City.





History of the Giralda

Rent an electric scooter in Seville to visit the Giralda in Seville and know its history.



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Inaugurated in the year 1182, this Almohad tower that was inspired by its previous twins of Rabat and Marrakech, today still remains firmly anchored in Seville.



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It was originally conceived as a beacon tower of the greater mosque of the Almohad Seville. For its construction Roman architectural resources were used, from the nearby ruins of Italica. In the Giralda, Roman, Arab and Christian elements intermingle.


Rent an electric scooter in Seville and make your visit to the Giralda something unforgettable and fun while dynamic. Discover a unique monument.



One of the things that no visitor should miss is the majestic exterior decoration of the tower with the characteristic work in rhombuses or sebka, a Muslim ornamental motif of lacería forming rhomboid figures and inspired by textile motifs and the silhouettes of the mountains. Surf the City ensures that there is not a single detail missing in your guided tour.



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Later, with the Christian reconquest, the new architectural body of the building, incorporated in the 16th century, would arrive: the bell tower of which it became the city’s cathedral, topped by the sculpture that represents the triumph of faith, today it is popularly known for citizenship like the Giraldillo. Large statue of 4 meters acts as a weather vane, being in its time was the largest in Europe.

Since then, the Giralda is the bell tower of the Cathedral of Santa María de la Sede de Sevilla. On the cusp sits the jar on which the Giraldillo stands, which acts as a weather vane and was once the largest bronze sculpture of the Renaissance in Europe. Hence comes the name of Giralda, known at the beginning as Triumph of the Victorious Faith or, simply, Faith and built in 1568.



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This imposing monument exceeds 104 meters high with the Giraldillo and for several centuries it was the tallest tower in Spain and one of the tallest in Europe. The Giralda “wins” the Big Ben in London, which is 96 meters high, and its height is almost double that of the Tower of Pisa (55.8 meters).

The Giraldillo was provisionally replaced by a replica while it was being restored. When the work was finished, the original Giraldillo was hoisted again in 2005.



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With respect to the bell tower of the Giralda it is formed by 24 bells, each one with its own name, and whose touches are programmed by computer. 18 of them are bells of turn and the other 6 are of blow. To this group of 6 belongs the bell of Santa María Mayor, which is the largest of them all.


Photo Gallery of the perspectives of the Giralda and the Cathedral of Seville from your electric scooter of Surf the City

We offer you a unique album of images in 4k quality with all the perspectives that you will be able to enjoy aboard an electric scooter of Surf the City when you visit the Giralda or the Cathedral of Seville.

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Unique details and moments of light. You can take a photographic tour of the surroundings of the Cathedral of Seville. They are images of excellent photographic quality, with which the visitor can get a previous idea of ​​the magnificence with which he will find if he decides to visit the Giralda of Seville aboard an electric scooter of Surf he City. Instant photographs in large format by a prestigious Sevillian photographer. Get ahead of events and rent your electric scooter for the visit to the Giralda of Seville from where you are.



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With Surf the City the rental of scooters and bicycles in Seville has a different color. Unique experiences on unique, dynamic, efficient and ecological vehicles. Seville enjoys a purer air and a cleaner and decongested city thanks to the rental of electric scooters.

We wait for you in Sur the City, Seville. You can contact us by email, or rent your electric scooter directly to visit the Giralda or the Cathedral of Seville.


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